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“Revolution” Returning to Atlanta?

May 13, 2013 6:21am (EDT)
NBC Hit Show - Revolution - Shot a Pilot in Atlanta, including this photo at the State Capitol
NBC Hit Show - Revolution - Shot a Pilot in Atlanta, including this photo at the State Capitol

The hit television drama, Revolution, filmed its initial pilot in Atlanta, GA including some memorable scenes in the State Capitol.

The show, which will soon begin filming season two, is looking to possibly return to Georgia.

Last season, following the pilot, remaining shows were filmed in Wilmington, NC. According to a report at a possible change in the film tax credits in the Tar Heel state could move production back to Georgia, the "Revolution' production company is considering its options for season two because a few North Carolina legislators are supporting measures to kill off their film and TV film credits.

Even if the bill goes nowhere, film and TV production companies will move out or stop considering a state if there's even a whiff that tax credits might be reduced or go away.

Tax credits for perspective, can be extremely generous. In Georgia, production companies can pocket up to 30 percent of the value of their production, which means a $100 million film gets an automatic $30 million discount to shoot here, straight out of the taxpayers' pockets. North Carolina is at 25 percent.

Georgia has advantages over some other states that help tip the balance here: the biggest airport in the world, a wide variety of vistas (save for a nice beach) and a growing infrastructure. So "Revolution" could come right back to Georgia. Such decisions have to be made relatively quickly since production for season two will ramp up within two months. (A spokeswoman for the Georgia film office declined to comment beyond saying she was aware of the situation.)

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