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Dawsonville Manufacturer Expected to Hire 150

April 26, 2013 7:04am (EDT)
Dawsonville's Impulse Manufacturinng to Grow Along With Caterpillar
Dawsonville's Impulse Manufacturinng to Grow Along With Caterpillar

Impulse Manufacturing has announced it has been awarded significant contracts with the new Caterpillar production facility in Athens, GA. The new demand is expected to create 150 manufacturing jobs over the next three years.

According to a company news release, The new Caterpillar facility will manufacture mini-hydraulic excavators and small track-type tractors and is expected to employ 1400 people. The impact of this new facility has wide ranging implications for employment across the state, and particularly for Impulse Manufacturing which is now a major parts supplier to the Athens Caterpillar operation. Impulse is projecting employment to grow by more than 150 people over the next 3 years. Over 50% of the employment growth will be directly attributed to the new Caterpillar facility.

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