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Atlanta Jobless Rate Drops Again

More Jobs & Fewer Unemployed - Great News for Metro Atlanta
More Jobs & Fewer Unemployed - Great News for Metro Atlanta

One year ago the unemployment rate in metro Atlanta stood at 8.9%, Thursday it was announced the rate has fallen to 7.9%.

According to the Georgia Department of Labor, The number of jobs in metro Atlanta increased to 2,381,200, up by 13,100 from 2,368,100 in February. Most of the growth came in leisure and hospitality, 5,900; administrative and support services, 4,600; and professional and business services, 4,200. The number of government jobs declined by 1,400.

Over-the-year, metro Atlanta added 55,200 jobs, or 2.4 percent, from 2,326,000 in March 2012. Most of the growth was in professional and business services, 19,500; administrative and support services, 11,900; leisure and hospitality, 11,700; and trade, transportation, and warehousing, 11,000. The number of new layoffs, which were represented by initial claims for unemployment insurance benefits, fell by 1,944 from 19,166 in February to 17,222 in March.

The decreases came mostly in construction, manufacturing, wholesale trade, transportation, and warehousing, administrative and support services, and accommodations and food services. And, the number of initial claims was down over-the-year by 3,398 from 20,620 in March 2012. Most of the over-the-year decline came in the same industries as the monthly decline.

Metro Athens has the lowest unemployment rate in Georgia at 5.9%.