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Innovation District Coming to Midtown Atlanta

Georgia Tech & the Midtown Alliance are Teaming Up
Georgia Tech & the Midtown Alliance are Teaming Up

The Midtown Alliance and Georgia Tech have announced a strategic partnership aimed at creating a new “Innovation District” for creating and expanding the technology infrastructure and luring entrepreneurs into midtown Atlanta.

According to Georgia Tech, The Midtown Alliance-Georgia Tech partnership will work with local thought leaders on strategies to further strengthen Midtown’s technology infrastructure, create commercial real estate opportunities for entrepreneurs and highlight the sizeable array of innovation assets, activities and success stories that are happening now.

The first phase will include the creation of a Live-Work-Play “Laboratory” for exploring the potential of media technologies and creating a climate for continual innovation. A vital component of the living laboratory will be the development of an open platform for experimental mobile applications designed to enrich the Midtown experience for those who work, live and visit here.

“Through this unique partnership with Georgia Tech, we will explore how to harness an array of new technology and tools to further enhance the user experience and buttress our city’s innovation assets,” Dennis Lockhart, chairman Midtown Alliance chairman said in a statement. “Midtown Alliance has been focused on making Midtown a more livable, walkable and vibrant district for a long time, through physical improvements, urban design and a range of programs to improve the physical environment.”

Midtown Alliance is a non-profit membership organization and a coalition of leading business and community leaders – united in our commitment to Midtown as a premiere destination for commerce, culture, education and living.