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5 Jobs to Outlast Any Recession

Welders are Often in High Demand
Welders are Often in High Demand

John Francis, President of, has penned a column listing five “skills” related jobs that are almost always in demand.

#1: Welder
The American Welding Society has a long list of career options for welders and an extensive list of commercial sites welders are involved with; coal-fired power boilers, nuclear power plants, a nuclear-waste treatment plant, computer-chip manufacturing plants, liquefied natural-gas plants, refineries, pipelines, gold and copper mines, office buildings and hospitals to name just a few. The starting salary for Welders is also very attractive. John Francis has seen an increased number of welding jobs posted on their free app and says a career in welding will provide long term financial stability.

#2 Auto Mechanics
The Canadian Independent Automotive Association knows finding qualified automotive mechanics is a battle. Finding "capable technicians are getting harder to hire", with the pull of the oil sands in Alberta heavy duty mechanics are in desperate need. Their salaries exceed six figures and outpace mechanical engineers.

#3 Electricians
In the US the Electrical Contractors Association has very favorable data on the future of electrical contracting as a profession. It is an industry valued at over $130 billion annually made up of over 70,000 electrical contracting firms employing over 650,000 electrical workers. John Francis says with the aging demographics there will be a dire need for electricians in the future.

#4 Carpenters
The Carpenters Association of America has got it right. Knowing that there will be a shortfall of skilled carpenters and framers they run a program in partnership with the federal government called Job Corps. It is an educational and vocational training program administered by the U.S. Department of Labor. It serves men and women ages 16 to 24 and offers career planning, on-the-job training, job placement, and other services in the building trades. Don't be fooled by any housing downturn; being a carpenter is a smart career move, says Francis.

#5 Long haul Truckers
In a recent survey by Manpower employers are seeing a brighter future for hiring especially in the transportation sector. With close to 20,000 long haul professional drivers expected to retire shortly, the demand and requirement for transport drivers has never been stronger. John Francis has seen a good number of professionals change their careers. Maybe it's the glamor of the open road but whatever motivates the change by becoming a Trucker they will be gainfully employed for a very long time, says Francis.