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Could Unmanned Aircraft Mean Thousands of Jobs for Georgia?

Unmanned Aircraft
Unmanned Aircraft

A report released Tuesday by the Unmanned Vehicle Association Systems International (AUVSI) a new study suggests integration of unmanned aircraft into U.S. national airspace would create almost 3,000 new jobs in Georgia by 2025

AUVSI reports that unmanned aircraft would be greatly beneficial in agriculture and public safety.

Additional study findings show:
•Based on the current UAS activity in Georgia, the state is projected to create 1,949 new jobs in the first three years – from 2015 to 2017 – following the integration of UAS into the U.S. NAS. This number includes both direct and indirect manufacturing jobs.
•In the first three years following integration, the total economic impact to Georgia is projected to surpass $379 million and will grow sustainably for the foreseeable future, culminating in more than $2.27 billion in economic impact by 2025. Economic impact includes the monies that flow to manufacturers and suppliers from the sale of new products as well as the taxes and monies that flow into communities and support the local businesses.
•The study projects integration will lead to 103,776 new jobs nationally by 2025. Many of these jobs are portable and will gravitate toward states with favorable regulatory structures and infrastructure. Future events – such as the establishment of FAA Test Sites – will ultimately determine where many of these new jobs will flow.
•Additional economic benefit will be seen through tax revenue to Georgia, which will total more than $22.34 million in the first decade following the integration.