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Hollywood of the South?

Georgia Film Industry
Georgia Film Industry

Georgia and much of the South is quickly becoming the new home for the movie and television industry.

Just nine years ago more than 80% of all new network dramas were filmed in the Los Angeles area. Today, that figure is less than 10%. Much of the industry has moved to Georgia, Louisiana, and the Carolinas.

A recent eTalentShowcase. com interview with actress Desiree Markella expresses the opinion of many in the changing film industry. “Atlanta is bustling right now,” says Desiree Markella. “Rumor has it in the acting community, it may become the new Hollywood of the South. There was this Q&A with a NY agent,” she says “and one of the questions asked was, ‘With Atlanta getting more and more work, do you have any connections there?’ A NYC actor was concerned about work they were missing in Atlanta!”

Many industry experts attribute much of the success in luring the film industry to aggressive tax credits. The Georgia Department of Economic Development has implemented comprehensive plans to market the state including highlights of how much money producers can save by filming in Georgia.

It is estimated the Film industry contributes over $3 billion in direct economic benefits to Georgia, producing more than 25,000 jobs.