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Industry Week
Industry Week

A leading authority on manufacturing is recognizing metro-Atlanta’s plentiful educated workforce as a reason for recent job growth success. is a recognized authority on the manufacturing industry in the United States. A recent article examined the reasons why Atlanta has quickly become a home to so many high tech companies. Industry experts agreed the large number of highly educated college students, 270,000 in the region, provide a stable and talented workforce for employers using advanced technology.

The Georgia Tech Enterprise Innovation Institute was also identified as a unique resource for companies seeking a 21st century workforce. “We are excited about the opportunity to tap into the engineering talent of one of the fastest growing high-technology areas in the nation,” said Tom Gebhardt, president of Panasonic Automotive Systems Co. of America announcing the company’s decision to establish the Panasonic Automotive Innovation Center in the Technology Square in Atlanta on the campus of the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Atlanta has seen a recent upswing in manufacturing jobs coming back to an urban environment. In fact, metro-Atlanta has significantly outpaced the rate of manufacturing growth compared to other U.S. cities. Since 2010, Atlanta manufacturing has grown 4.3% compared to average U.S. city manufacturing growth of just 2.7%