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LEGOLand Atlanta Discovery Center

Legoland Discovery Center has not only opened its doors in Atlanta, but as a world of creativity for children to enjoy. I visited the newest location which is the 4th location in the US, and took along my 5 year old daughter, Delaney for the fun! Upon arrival, we encountered the Lego Factory then opened the door to see the most amazing structures of many of Atlanta's iconic landmarks made from thousands of legos.

Afterwards, we walked into what seemed like the biggest box of lego bricks ever!! Delaney was squealing with laughter and I felt like a little kid again as we rode one of the two rides offered here.....Merlin's Apprentice. As we paddled our way to the skies to become Merlin's top wizard apprentice we were able to view numerous areas from above. So we quickly made our way to "pretty pink" section where we made cupcakes with legos and sung karaoke with some new found friends.

From the tons of legos and thrilling rides to the 4D Cinema we had one of the best mommy/daughter outings ever. Legoland is surely a joy for kids and those who are kids at heart!