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Here’s What’s Filming In Georgia Right Now, And Here’s How You Can Get The Skills Needed To Land A Gig

If you live in Georgia you know how big Georgia film has become. Ant-Man and the Wasp just opened with nearly $80 million and the box office and it was primarily filmed in the peach state.

What you might not know is we also have the Georgia Film Academy, which has a goal of meeting the industry needs by providing hands-on training and education for the industry.

The industry is difficult to break into. You need a very specific set of skills, and there’s no time for learning on the job. This is why the GFA exists. Its goal is to train students on the same sets they’d work on for real television and movie productions.

The instructors have years of real-work experience and the GFA production certification includes 18 credit hours where you can specify tracks of your choosing:

  • Lighting and electric
  • Post production (editing)
  • Production accounting
  • Set construction/scenic painting
  • Grip and rigging
  • Intro to Special Make-up Effects

After completing 6 credit hours of your choosing, there’s also a competitive internship option that is designed to provide students with a basic level of on-set film production skills, knowledge and experience with film-industry standards, organizational structure, professional equipment and on-set procedures.

If you are interested in registering for courses you can do so HERE. There are several options, including options for current college student, adults who want continuing education, or people wanting to take the full load who aren’t currently enrolled in school.

There’s no short cut to getting this training, however once you do, there will be plenty of chances for gigs as Georgia film is seemingly always busy. Here are productions looking for crewmembers right now.

  • Sony Pictures is hiring a Payroll Accountant for episodic in Atlanta:

Locals preferred. Please send resume and references to

  • Savannah, GA – Disney feature film is now hiring:

Please send resumes to Include your department and desired position in the subject line for all applications.

  • Indie feature, NEVER TOO LATE, is hiring crew in Atlanta

           Send your resume to

  • Conyers, GA – WB series DOOM PATROL is now hiring:

Please send resumes to Include your department and desired position in the subject line for all applications.

Parrish Walton

Parrish Walton is a communications specialist with the Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD). He is the primary author of the Georgia@Work blog, which aims to educate Georgia citizens on all of the great things done by the Workforce... more