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At The Corner Of High Demand Careers And Education, A Nexus (Degree) Emerges

You’ve heard it. I’ve heard it (often… ad nauseam, in fact).

There are jobs… so many jobs. But there just aren’t enough skilled workers to fill them. Here’s one about healthcare IT workers in the state.

Here’s another on construction worker shortages.

And here’s one on cybersecurity jobs in Georgia.

As I said, we hear this often, but thankfully the University System of Georgia and leading industries in the state are attempting to do something about it by announcing the creation of the “Nexus Degree” certification program. 

Cybersecurity and financial technology will almost surely be included in the new nexus degree programs.

What is a nexus degree you ask? Well, aside from a really cool name, it’s a certification (let’s be honest, nexus certification doesn’t have the same ring to it) that works in conjunction with associate, bachelor’s or post-graduate degrees.

The programs will require 18 credit hours of which at least one third must come from internships or other hands-on training programs.

Per the AJC, “Adult workers can also take nexus courses and earn a degree if they meet qualifications that show they can do the course work.”

The fine folks at USG have plans for this program to begin this fall, which is crazy fast and shows how important it is. Industry leaders are going to work with the universities to tailor the curriculum so that when graduates leave with their degree they’ll have the skills needed to get a job in Georgia in their respective fields of study.

While the specific courses have yet to be agreed upon, you can almost guarantee that cybersecurity, IT, and financial technology (often called “fin tech” because sure, why not?) will be included.

The nexus degree programs aren’t 100 percent approved yet, as the Board of Regents must approve all new curriculums. Before that approval can be requested, the 26 universities that make up the USG have been told to “get creative” in their approach as they work hand-in-hand with local industries. 

Parrish Walton

Parrish Walton is a communications specialist with the Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD). He is the primary author of the Georgia@Work blog, which aims to educate Georgia citizens on all of the great things done by the Workforce Division within GDEcD. Parrish is a proud product of the public school system of... more