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Ready. Set. Go!

Georgia Public Broadcasting is behind the wheel and coasting its way into yet another venture along the secondary education scene with its first ever series of shorts geared towards exploring the S.T.E.M (that’s Science Technology Engineering and Math) subjects. Our vehicle: Fast Forward. Our fuel: unleaded and a desire for information. Our destination: the minds of young people all over the state of Georgia.

Watch us travel to 16 different locales across the state as we pop in on some of Georgia’s biggest names in business. Along the way, we encounter a barrage of colorful characters, share some titillating teachable moments, and package it all pretty with a few perceptively placed puns (though I’m more of an alliteration man myself). Plus, we have sea turtles, how could you possibly not be interested. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry (maybe? We cannot be held liable for any severe emotional outburst), and hopefully learn a thing or two about the happenings inside some of the coolest local businesses.

(Preface: Being that this is Georgia Public Broadcasting I feel at liberty to make Reading Rainbow references so…)

But you don’t have to take my word for it! Click below for a glimpse of some of the things we get into this season, and while you’re here, why not just watch a couple of episodes. They’re only a click away!