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Fast Forward

EXTREMELY Fast Forward

May 21, 2012 12:00pm (EDT)
Ben gets the shot! (looks more dangerous than it is)
Ben gets the shot! (looks more dangerous than it is)

Last week, Fast Forward moved faster than ever--about 120 miles per hour!

We visited the Atlanta Motorsports Park in Dawsonville. And to understand it a bit better, there are a few things you should probably know.

Number 1--Dawsonville is about the best place in the world for a motorsports park, as it's arguably the birthplace of NASCAR. Awesome Bill (Elliott) From Dawsonville put the town on the map, following a rich history that led to fast cars and fun times.

Number 2--The Atlanta Motorsports Park isn't a racetrack. It's a country club...kind of disguised as a racetrack. Instead of golf, you get to drive around a 2 mile track going as fast as your nerves will allow.

Number 3--This place is a blast! Our hosts, Becky and Jeremy, could not have been more accommodating, encouraging us to shoot any and everything we saw. And they even arranged a couple of "ride-alongs," as a GA car enthusiasts club had brought dozens of drivers and cars out for the day. So our lead cameraman, Ben, was able to shoot from the passenger's side of a Porsche. That is, until his stomach couldn't take it anymore.

Oh, and along the way we learned more than a thing or two. We learned the basics of sound waves (AMP is extremely proactive in minimizing noise from the track). And we learned about the fastest...way to negotiate a racetrack turn. It has to do with apex's and avoiding fishtailing, and a few things that get a bit complicated. And we learned a bit about Newton's Second Law of Motion. No need to worry about that now. It'll be in the video.

Should be a fun one to edit. I only hope that we need a few more shots. I want to go back!

All volunteers receive training, free parking and a catered meal provided by C. Parks Catering.

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