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EXTREMELY Fast Forward

Ben gets the shot! (looks more dangerous than it is)
Ben gets the shot! (looks more dangerous than it is)

Last week, Fast Forward moved faster than ever--about 120 miles per hour!

We visited the Atlanta Motorsports Park in Dawsonville. And to understand it a bit better, there are a few things you should probably know.

Number 1--Dawsonville is about the best place in the world for a motorsports park, as it's arguably the birthplace of NASCAR. Awesome Bill (Elliott) From Dawsonville put the town on the map, following a rich history that led to fast cars and fun times.

Number 2--The Atlanta Motorsports Park isn't a racetrack. It's a country club...kind of disguised as a racetrack. Instead of golf, you get to drive around a 2 mile track going as fast as your nerves will allow.

Number 3--This place is a blast! Our hosts, Becky and Jeremy, could not have been more accommodating, encouraging us to shoot any and everything we saw. And they even arranged a couple of "ride-alongs," as a GA car enthusiasts club had brought dozens of drivers and cars out for the day. So our lead cameraman, Ben, was able to shoot from the passenger's side of a Porsche. That is, until his stomach couldn't take it anymore.

Oh, and along the way we learned more than a thing or two. We learned the basics of sound waves (AMP is extremely proactive in minimizing noise from the track). And we learned about the fastest...way to negotiate a racetrack turn. It has to do with apex's and avoiding fishtailing, and a few things that get a bit complicated. And we learned a bit about Newton's Second Law of Motion. No need to worry about that now. It'll be in the video.

Should be a fun one to edit. I only hope that we need a few more shots. I want to go back!