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And Then There Was One

The Fast Forward crew has returned to Atlanta after our first trip out to the wilds of Georgia.

Okay, it was Dalton. And it wasn't all that wild. But we had a great couple of days and came back with what we hope will become the first of our 16 videos.

Thursday started with a mid-morning that! An easy drive up to Dalton for some food. Then it was off to Shaw Industries, where our new, good friends gave us a look inside the belly of the beast--or at least their new Re2E facility, which is able to take post-consumer carpet and turn it into steam that powers the world's largest carpet factory. Bam! How do you fancy floors like me now?

Ben shoots Greg Wimpy

The tour was offered by Greg--an expert on all things green and sustainable. Great guy, as were all the folks at Shaw. Speaking of which...

Friday morning began with a series of additional interviews with the friendly folks of Shaw Industries. Turns out they've got a lot of smart people working for them. People who seemed to make the most of their STEM studies back in school. Some had been there for many years--indicating that this company can retain some employees. And some had been there for less time, but were obviously happy to be working for such a forward-thinking company. Or is that a "FastForward" thinking company? See what I did there?

Victoria Shoots Kaitlin

Beyond our new Shaw friends, we spoke with bunches of wonderful folks at the career fair, seeking knowledge on what companies are looking for in new employees. Turns out that science and math skills wind up pretty high on the list. Hmmm...coincidence? Anywho...

Thanks to the help of Carol and Robert (career fair organizers), we were able to get a ton of interesting and informative interviews with dozens of great companies, as well as lots of the high school students who showed up to learn more about the careers that might lie ahead for them.

And what lies ahead for us? Hopefully a weekend of rest. But next week begins the edit of this week's shoot. And of course another shoot--heading out to Carrollton for a visit with Southwire.

Thanks, as always, to our fantastic crew, including our special guests from the halls of GPB who gave of themselves to help us on this shoot. And our guest educational advisor--Lisa! Couldn't have learned it without you!

More to come...