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Remembering Robin Williams with Joy

Like many, I am heartbroken and shocked over the news of Robin Williams’ death from an apparent suicide. He was just 63 years old.

The comedian always seemed to be so upbeat and “on.” But that is not true. In a statement, his spokeswoman said he had been suffering from severe depression. Williams had also been open about his battles with alcoholism and drug addiction.

Despite, struggling with these demons, he brought laughter to many, including me. As a kid, I remember seeing his guest star turn on the show “Happy Days” as the quirky alien “Mork.” His performance connected with kids like me at the time because he wasn’t afraid to be silly as an adult.

I couldn’t wait to see him on the show “Mork and Mindy” as a result.

His kid at heart spirit has always peeked through in many of his roles.

As the tributes and remembrances pour in, I hope that the focus will not be on how he died as his wife advised in a statement, but on those silly, childlike moments that brought us so much joy and laughter. I hope we remember him with joy.

Williams appeared on “Sesame Street”. Here are a couple of clips to remember him by.