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Experience Shark Week at the Fernbank

Photo courtesy
Photo courtesy

It’s that time of year again! Shark Week returns to the Discovery Channel starting Sunday August 10. But you can get a giant view of the glorious and fearsome great white, by heading to the Fernbank Museum and catching the iMax movie “Great White Shark.”

The movie took three years to make and travels to great white stomping grounds: from the crystal waters of Mexico’s legendary Guadalupe Island to newly-discovered shark territory around Stewart Island off the southernmost tip of New Zealand.

The production even went to South Africa to find “flying” great whites. Thankfully, they don’t cause “Sharknados". But they are known to shoot out from the water into the air to nab their prey.

The film also debunks many great white shark myths. The creatures are menacing to be sure. But consuming humans is usually not the goal of shark attacks. Sharks sample bite because they are curious. They typically prefer to eat sea lions, seals, small toothed whales, and even sea turtles, and carrion.

The animals possess super senses too. They can detect the smallest drop of blood in water miles away. They can also sense the tiny electromagnetic fields generated by animals.

Hopefully seeing “Great White Shark” will educate you about what is true and not true about the beasts.

Here is a preview.