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Try These Easter Activities and Passover Recipes

Have you ever tried to dye an egg using raspberries? Do you know how to make flourless cake? My answer is ”no” to both of those questions. But a quick search on PBS Parents helped me find a few Easter activities and Passover recipes to try that show me how.

Why don’t you try them out yourselves too? Use them whether you celebrate the holiday or not as they are pretty fascinating.

Easter Activities

How to Dye Eggs Naturally

I wasn’t a fan of eggs as a kid, so I was never the egg dying type. However this recipe from Alice Currah may convert me as it shows how to color eggs using ordinary fruits, vegetables and spices like raspberries, beets, spinach and turmeric. Currah points out that naturally colored eggs have a richer hue than ones dyed using an artificial coloring kit. And they are healthier too.

Check out her YouTube video below then read the full article here recipe include.

Conduct the Egg Floating Experiment:

Eggs float in saltwater. Who knew? Apparently several people including Steve Spangler who gives us a demonstration on his science channel and YouTube video. Since eggs are associated with Easter, this is a good excuse to engage in edutainment by trying this experiment.

More activities and experiments can be found on the PBS Parents page Science Eggsperiment .

Passover Recipes

During Passover, Jewish people from around the world refrain from eating leavened foods for a week. That can certainly be a challenge as most foods contain some form of fermented grains. Here are some recipes that don’t contain leavened stuff. You won't miss it as they are still very tasty.

Crustless Quiche and Decadent Desserts

Aviva Goldfarb offers this recipe for Crustless Asparagus Quiche. The secret ingredients that make this pop - the asparagus and evaporated milk of course.

Goldfarb also offers a round up of desserts to make for Passover that includes Flourless Almond Cake and Chocolate Banana Ice cream.

For more on the Passover story, check out this video.