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The Amish Shunned

Image courtesy Courtesy of Edward Marritz/WGBH.
Image courtesy Courtesy of Edward Marritz/WGBH.

The Amish Shunned, which airs on GPB television tonight starting at 8 p.m., is about the community’s practice of completely cutting off loved ones once that have decided to leave the faith. The documentary chronicles seven people who leave their Amish families for the outside world and captures their struggles to adapt.

The stories are not all dismal and dramatic. (This is not like TLC’s sensationalized reality show Breaking Amish.) a sort of Ex- Amish Real World, where five Amish and Mennonite kids are thrown together to take on leaving their community for the modern life.)

These are real stories of real people, their thought processes for leaving their families and culture, how they managed and how they are doing.

In a way The Amish Shunned is similar to an immigrant’s story. It’s stories of triumph in the face of being such an outsider.

Here are some clips.

The Good Kid

It was Pretty Awesome