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10 Common Sense Halloween Safety Tips

A kid is dressed up as Edward Scissorhands. Courtesy
A kid is dressed up as Edward Scissorhands. Courtesy

Going trick or treating with the kids on Halloween night is the highlight of the holiday. Here are 10 common sense tips to help everyone keep safe.

1.) Go at a set time for a determined period of time. Typical hours are from 6:30 p.m.-9:30 p.m. Any later than that is disrespectful to the homeowners giving out candy. Plus it is too late for kids to be out.

2.) Map out the route you will be taking. Try to walk on sidewalks where possible.

3.) Go to houses where you know the residents if possible. If not, go to homes that are well lit.

4.) Wear reflective tape or stickers on costumes.

5.) Carry flashlights or glow sticks.

6.) Don’t wear masks or contact lenses that restrict vision.

7.) Accompany very young trick or treaters.

8.) Older children and teenagers should be advised to travel in a group accompanied by a chaperone.

9.) Accept only candy that is wrapped and factory made. Don’t eat homemade treats unless you know who made them.

10.) Go through candy before allowing kids to eat it to check for any candy tampering.