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Homelamb is Sesame Street's Latest Parody

The folks at Sesame Street have done it yet again: produced another adorable parody of a popular show. This time they are lampooning the Showtime hit "Homeland' with "Homelamb." In the parody, sheep agents are Caaa-rrie Matthison, Saaa-ul and Nicholas Baa-rody.

Caaa-rrie Matthison suspects there is something amiss about Baa-rody, a wolf in sheep's clothing and works to expose him. While you are giggling over the inside jokes, you’ll notice Caaa-rrie using a reference to Little Red Riding Hood to guide younguns in identifying what’s wrong with the picture.

Take a look at the video below.

What are your favorite Sesame Street parodies by the way? Let us know.