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Why Doesn't This Bag Leak?

Seriously.  How is this a thing?
Seriously. How is this a thing?

In keeping with the Summer Fun theme, I give you why in the world doesn't this bag leak?!

Steve Spangler has some incredible science experiments on YouTube. The idea is for kids (with adult supervision) to try them out and explore the science behind it. Often, the supplies are things you've got laying around the house. For example, for this exercise, you need a plastic zippy bag, water, and freshly sharpened pencils. Show your kids this video then replicate what you see.

The first question to ask may be, "Did your attempt work like the video example?" (If not, explore what may have been different.) Assuming it worked, talk about the question given at the end of the video: "Why doesn't the water leak out when the pencils pierce the bag?"

We'd love to hear what answers your kids come up with, so leave those in the comments below.

If you had a great time with this one and want one similar, check out Anti-Gravity Water. Keep your kids curious and learning this summer!