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Candy-Free Valentine's Day from Pinterest

Valentine’s Day is on the way! Whether you’re getting treats together for your students, your kids’ classmates, or your neighbors, there are a lot of fun, candy-free options for letting your friends know you care about them.

Pinterest, the social media site that lets you organize the entire worldwide web with images and links from your favorite sites (and sites you didn’t know were your favorites), has hundreds -- possibly thousands -- of inspirational ideas. Many of them come with free printables or are easily recreated at home. Even if you’re not into DIY, some of these are too cute and too easy to pass up.

Take a look at some of my favorites. I’ve linked them to the original sources (to the best of my knowledge).

Because who doesn't love bubbles?

When I saw this, it took me straight back to middle school and I instantly wanted to go find my box of embroidery floss and start making bracelets for my friends!

Even if you don't have a home printer, some construction paper and a marker can take you everywhere you need to go with this easy and clever valentine.

This a-maze-ing valentine has a very colorful printable free to download!

As the mother of a little boy, I really liked this one.

For as darling as these are, I'm not doing any of them for my son's first Valentine's Day at school. I've ordered my supplies and will update (with photos!) when I get them put together.

What are you sending for your kid's valentine treats this year? What favorite valentine do you remember from your school days?

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