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Items NOT to Buy for Baby

Changing table: Must have for baby?

Today we're featuring guest blogger Tiffany Lankford. While discussing a project at work, she mentioned wishing she'd known what NOT to buy and register for her babies and made a list to share with you all here.

While pregnant with my first child I was clueless when it came to the products I'd actually need. So I registered for (and received) many products that were, in my opinion, a waste of money. I was a bit more wise with my second child, but even then, still had products I didn't really use. Here is my list of things that I found I did not really need:

1. Wipe warmer - dries out the wipes.
2. Stroller system - In my experience it is better to have an infant carrier and a Snap-N-Go stroller. When the baby outgrows the infant carrier, the baby is usually large enough for an umbrella stroller. If you need a larger stroller because you do a lot of walking, invest in a jogging stroller. This would have saved me so much trunk space and money (I ended up buying all kinds of strollers).
3. Small burp cloths - my children spit up, a lot. I used those receiving blankets for burp cloths.
4. A regular (sound only) baby monitor - For me the video monitor provided much more peace of mind. It was worth the money.
5. Baby wash cloths - too small to really do well. Just use regular wash cloths.
6. Baby mittens - constantly fall off. Baby socks on the hands work well to keep those tiny fingernails off delicate skin.
7. Changing table (if that is it's only purpose) - We secured a changing mat to the top of a small dresser.
8. Crib bedding sets - Yes, they are cute, but dangerous. All you need is a fitted crib sheet and maybe a Breathable bumper. Regular bumpers are a suffocation hazard, I'm a pediatric nurse, I've seen it, don't use them!
9. High chair - We had a full sized high chair, but I actually wish we'd just had a portable high chair (that straps to our chairs) to use at home. We had one to use at restaurants, and eventually used it at home too, getting rid of the full sized one. Space saver, and the baby is actually at the table with the family.
10. Thermometers - don't buy the expensive temporal-artery scanners unless you are trained on how to use them properly. Rectal is the most accurate temperature and there are inexpensive rectal thermometers which are made so you will not hurt the baby by putting it in too far. Plus, the TA scanners are not always considered accurate on babies less than 4 months old.
11. Bulb syringes - don't buy them, take the ones home from the hospital. The hospital ones are better than the ones you can buy anyway. I've recently discovered the Nose-Frida, if you have the stomach for it, I highly recommend using that instead.
12. Bottles - do not buy a full set of bottles before your baby needs them. My babies were picky when it came to bottles and sippy cups. Buy one at a time to try them out first. If you plan on breastfeeding, still have one bottle on hand. I tried to breastfeed my first child and was unable to (we tried for weeks and went to specialists- major latching issues) so I chose to pump for her. Also- quit judging other moms for their chosen feeding methods, you don't know the history behind that choice.
13. A separate bassinet - Our Pack-N-Play had a bassinet feature that we used in the early days. Two in one products are usually a good choice.

That is my list, I'm sure there are more things, but mommy brain has caused me to forget. Hope someone finds this helpful!

What else would you add to the list?