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Hurricane Season in Georgia

While we have officially been in “Hurricane Season” for a couple of months, there are a couple of months to go yet. Georgia has a large coastline and much of the state that isn’t technically coastal is still susceptible to hurricane damage. Even areas as far away from the coast as Rome or Dawsonville can be damaged by winds and rain of storm systems as they move inland.

While it doesn’t appear that Isaac will be landing as a strong category 2 as was once thought, it is likely to produce damaging winds and flooding. Appreciating that we may have dodged a much worse situation, let’s prepare now to reduce the risk of disaster during the remaining two months of hurricane season.

The National Weather Service has lists and plans to help you be as prepared as possible. NWS recommends the first step to be “Gather Information.” Be sure all important insurance and ownership forms are together and be sure to take them with you in the event you need to evacuate. This is also the time to organize emergency contact numbers, including family, friends, and emergency management services. I think this is the step I’d be least likely to do. The first thing I would grab (other than my husband and son, of course) would be my son’s “special box.” It has his little hospital papers and teensy hats and socks. I have nearly all of our photos backed up online, so there’s no need to take them.

You can also find a basic disaster supplies kit list. It includes things like a signal whistle, dust masks, and one gallon of water per person per day for at least three days.

PBS Kids’ show Dinosaur Train has a great video to introduce hurricanes to your children so that your family can plan your disaster preparedness kits.