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Market Warriors Based in Georgia Tonight!

Antiques Roadshow is a long-loved PBS production. Last year, we participated in filming what turned into three new episodes filmed just south of Atlanta. It’s fascinating to see what folks consider treasures and bring them in to be evaluated for worth beyond their own sentiment. It is especially fun when we find a personal tie to the treasure.

Tonight we have just such another opportunity with Market Warriors from the producers of Antiques Roadshow. It differs from Antiques Roadshow since there isn’t a main hall to gather in. Instead, the antiquers are professionals seeking to make a profit who take us out to antique vendors where they compete to see who finds the best, most valuable pick from the day’s plunder at flea markets, antique malls, and marketplaces. Watch tonight at 9pm on GPB for Market Warriors, Antiquing in Cumming, GA as hosts search for vintage advertisements and find an antique hobbyhorse and more.

Check out a preview for tonight’s show:


Watch Antiquing in Cumming, GA - Preview on PBS. See more from Market Warriors.