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For a Good Time, Head to the New Medieval Times Show


Fellow blogger Heather Neal and I were lucky enough to snag ring side seats to the new Medieval Times show in Lawrenceville. And it didn’t disappoint. For a good time for all members of the family, Medieval Times delivers.

GPB Bloggers Heather Rosemary Jean-Louis and Heather Neal

The new show show takes families back to 11th century Spain to root for knights that joust, engage in swordplay and superb horsemanship. Yes it’s essentially a really,really old school sports match.

The crowd is divided into sections by color in order to root for their knight that matches their color. We were Team Green Knight, who alas was vanquished part way through his matches. The action was wrapped around a campy storyline about an evil visiting knight trying to infiltrate the court and snag the princess' hand in marriage. But it keeps the show going.

Watching the animal performers provided the most education. For example, see how the falconer trains and controls her noble beast with subtle arm signals. Pay close attention to how the horse wranglers get their steeds to hop, strut in line and seemingly tip toe on command.

There are official education materials too. Just ask customer service reps there for it.

A good follow up to cultivate the learning with the medieval era and life in Europe would be to tune into Rick Steves' Europe on Fridays starting at 7 p.m. Steves has the uncanny talent of putting you in the shoes of the people who live in Europe so it is worth the viewing time.

By the way if you visited the Medieval Times show recently tell us what you thought of it here.