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Happy Mother's Day!

Every year around this time I get excited about Mother’s Day. My own mom is the very example of selflessness and we could never doubt her love for us. Typically, I make Mama’s gift from us, a handmade card, earrings, bracelet, etc. (yes, she scored in getting a very crafty daughter!). No doubt she received a hideous "ash tray" made of playdough and painted using tempera paints (no one in my family smokes) when I was young. This year however, I ordered a customized treat that I won’t disclose here since I don’t actually know when it is shipping and would hate to ruin the surprise. Easily the best gift I ever gave her is the World’s Most Amazing Grandson; it’s very official, so don’t try to argue this point.

For better or worse, we all are influenced and affected by our mothers. When I think of my mother, each time it is a reminder to me to be good, kind, and patient because she is good, kind, and patient. So, while it may be cliche’, I enjoy taking advantage of this special day set aside to celebrate my mom.

On Sunday, as we are reflecting on family, take advantage of some heart-warming family connections at 8 PM for Finding Your Roots. Musician John Legend and comedian Wanda Sykes discover the extraordinary stories of the free black ancestors they never knew about, while Professor Gates himself and his 98-year-old friend Margarett Cooper delve into the mysteries shrouding the free people of color in their family trees. Whether we are aware of it or not, our families, especially Mom, are influencing who we are. This program is easily my favorite show in the current schedule. It has been incredible to see the threads of connection running through generations!

I now face the challenge and privilege of being someone’s Mama. What a ride it has been! My son turns four next month, which is utterly miraculous and astounding. This week I have read books, played trains, and dug a tortilla out of the back of a tiny toy van. I hope that my son enjoys me as his mom and that he never doubts my love for him. I don’t know that I am always doing it right, but I do know that I always want to, and I hope one day that his therapist helps him to understand that!