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Families in Service

Sesame Workshop supports military families.
Sesame Workshop supports military families.

Nationally, nearly 800,000 preschoolers are separated from a parent serving in the U.S. military. With so many Georgia families actively serving in the military and with so many of us who have friends and family in the service, we wanted to let you know about some truly meaningful and important free resources available to you.

For years Sesame Workshop has been working with military families to help them persevere through the challenging transitions that military life brings. Last week at a panel in Washington D.C., Sesame Workshop revealed just how effective their work with military families has been. After using the
Talk, Listen, Connect kits, 80% of parents felt the materials helped children better handle future deployments. Review the materials online and share the video clips with your children to open up a dialogue with your family. We would love to know if these were helpful for your family.

If you want to honor a family or friend serving in the U.S. military, a great way to do so is by volunteering with a charity like Operation Home Front, an organization that works directly as a resource for families of service members and wounded warriors. Organizations just like this one are accepting donations of simple items like backpacks, monetary gifts to help sustain families in crisis, and the time it takes to help pack sandwiches for soldiers flying out on deployment.