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The count down to a new school year has begun! Some metro area schools have already begun hitting the books. And in the next few days, many others will rejoin the educational trek. Children, along with their parents, often experience anxiety when a new school year starts, but planning and organization will ensure a successful school year.

How many of you have prepared your child to succeed? If you have not, it’s not too late to get things started. Parents must realize that children need their support to reach any goals that are set. No one has a perfect plan, but we as parents must be flexible and take on any challenges we may face. Anything worth getting is never easy.

Follow these steps to ensure the year is a success:

•Establish a daily plan for each child
•Be an active participant at school
•Set limits on all activities
•Set-up a calendar for school activities/meetings
•Take advantage of parent-teacher conferences
•Set aside time to review school information
•Establish homework time/recreation
•Prepare at night for the next day