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Summer Learning Activities For Kids

As kids spend time outside the classroom this summer, GPB is releasing all-new content and resources to help keep them active and encourage exploration at home and outdoors with their favorite characters. As part of its annual summer learning initiative, we will air all-new specials and episodes from Odd Squad, Nature Cat, and Ready Jet Go!, beginning in June, and will offer free digital resources below and at to make learning fun all summer long. 

"While kids are out of school during the summer months, it’s important that they remain engaged in learning and exploration,” says GPB President and CEO Teya Ryan, “GPB is committed to providing learning resources that help to bridge the achievement gap, especially to children in underserved areas who need it most. Every year, GPB brings these resources to families to encourage them to keep their minds active all summer long.”

Keep your child's brain busy and engaged this summer with these extended learning ideas for families and caregivers. Click on the links to download the PDFs and get started!


  • How to Start a Book Club for Kids - Starting a children’s book club can seem like an overwhelming undertaking but there are a few simple considerations and steps to follow.
  • Reading Activities at Home - Children spend a lot of their time at home. You can support your child’s learning while you do daily chores. You can invite your child to help you, or you can provide an activity for your child to do close to you. That way, you can talk and listen to your child while you work.
  • Seven Tips for Early Literacy Development - From Knowing Your ABCs to Learning to Read!
  • Tackling School Summer Reading Lists - Try some of these tips to make sure your child’s required summer reading goes smoothly.

Learning on the Go Activities

  • Going on a Book-nic - Take your kids on a literacy themed picnic and encourage reading together while you enjoy the great outdoors.
  • Going on a Trip - Take advantage of your next trip to practice literacy skills while you explore new places together.
  • Going to the Library - Use these activities on your next visit to the library to get your children excited about reading and being at the library.
  • Going to a Restaurant - Make your next visit to a restaurant an interactive learning experience by using these activities to practice reading and literacy skills while enjoying a good meal!

Monthly Activity Booklets

Programming Highlights
NATURE CAT, New One-Hour Special: OCEAN COMMOTION (guest stars Cobie Smulders as “Nature Dog")
Premiering June 19 on air and streaming platforms
Nature Cat and his pals go on an aquatic adventure to save Hal’s favorite chew toy. Along the way, they learn that all waterways are interconnected and meet up with a new special friend named Nature Dog who helps them navigate the oceans.
Premiering July 24 on air and streaming platforms
While creature adventuring in Alaska, one of Aviva’s breakthrough inventions falls overboard and attaches to a sockeye salmon--jumpstarting a wild chase upriver through the wilderness. The Wild Kratts track the incredible salmon run--a quest fraught with obstacles and amazing creature connections around every bend.
READY JET GO!, New One-Hour Special: BACK TO BORTRON 7
Premiering August 14 on air and streaming platforms
When Jet’s parents need to return to their home planet, Sean and Sydney join the Propulsion family on an epic adventure to Bortron 7. 
“PBS Summer of Adventure” takes viewers and their families on an adventure around the world this season. The lineup of history, science and natural history programming includes the six-part series THE STORY OF CHINA, an exploration of China’s 4,000-year history featuring Michael Wood beginning June 20. The five-part program BIG PACIFIC, starting June 21, reveals the Pacific Ocean’s most guarded secrets. Following BIG PACIFIC on June 21, GREAT YELLOWSTONE THAW is a three-part series showcasing the stories of different animal families as they attempt to survive the toughest spring on Earth. On July 12, the three-part NATURE’S GREAT RACE explores the most astounding migrations on earth. RARE – CREATURES OF THE PHOTO ARK, beginning July 18, follows National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore in three episodes as he documents the world’s species at risk of extinction. WEEKEND IN HAVANA is a one-hour walking tour through Cuba on July 18. In WILD ALASKA LIVE, airing live over three nights beginning July 23, witness a must-see natural spectacle as thousands of the world’s wildest animals gather to take part in Alaska’s amazing summer feast. On August 2, IRELAND’S WILD COAST takes viewers on a one-hour journey along the island’s rugged Atlantic coast. Summer of Adventure will also include PBS KIDS programming, featuring three new one-hour specials: NATURE CAT: OCEAN COMMOTION (premieres June 19), WILD KRATTS ALASKA: HERO’S JOURNEY (premieres Monday, July 24.) and READY JET GO!: BACK TO BORTRON 7 (premieres August 14).
PBS Kids Apps

PBS Kids offers a variety of free apps for parents and kids that support summer learning and exploration, including the new PBS Kids Games app. Information is available at PBS Kids programming and content is available for free on the PBS Kids Video App, which can be downloaded from iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.

More Summer Learning Experiences

Need to get out of the house or take a break from the screen? Join GPB for one our many Atlanta-based community events this summer! From a special kids exhibit at the High Museum of Art to The Moth's open-mic storytelling competition, GPB encourages families to be a part of something new and learn something along the way. Visit for a full list of events. 

For summer resources from the Get Georgia Reading campaign—including meal programs, safety tips and online learning collections—click here