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EdmodoCon 2014 is Here, in case you are not familiar, is essentially Facebook for educators. To get access to the social network, you sign up for it and plug in your educator “credentials” or affiliation with education.

Once you are approved, you’re able to connect with educators from across the state and the nation for that matter, by doing what you do on Facebook - making friends, posting status updates and joining groups. (I recently connected with a teacher from Buffalo who needed help with teaching digital citizenship. I quickly sent her a link to our Cyber Safety in the Age of Cyberbullying video created by the GBI.) also allows you to invite your students to join the site thereby creating a safe environment for you to share materials, homework assignments, polls and discussion questions.

EdmodoCon 2014, the convention for users of the educator social network is here. The free online conference takes place today from 10 a.m. - 9 p.m. It is another opportunity to learn how to use the site to its fullest, build your professional learning network (PLN) and increase your technical skills. There will be presentations from teachers from across the country, including Discovery’s Steve Dembo.

Sign up for it. Plus here is the full schedule of speakers.

Can’t attend? Don’t worry, the conference will be recorded. You can find the recording on the site.

If you are able to attend, be sure to share some of your takeaways in the comments section.