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New Downton Abbey Photos Go Viral Because of Water Bottle Goof

Somewhere "Downton Abbey" show historian Alastair Bruce is shaking his head in disapproval.

New "Downton Abbey" photos have gone viral not because of the fabulous new settings or costumes featured but because of an obvious goof.

Can you tell what it is?

In one of the promotional photos, Lady Edith and the Earl of Grantham pose in front of their fireplace in their beautiful and authentic period clothes. Behind them, an object sits on the mantle that doesn’t belong in the early 20th century: a plastic water bottle.

Maybe the water bottle was trying to photo bomb the duo? Or perhaps the Crawleys invented it and they just wanted to finally get credit? Hey it could happen. Apparently Martha Levinson invented the buffet in season 3!

It’s more likely that someone left it by mistake and forgot to remove it for the photo shoot. As a result, more people have seen the image.

The other new photos are more meticulous and expansive. The signature cast photo includes Mr. Moseley, apparently no longer down on his luck; Baxter; Isis the dog; little Sybbie and George and Lady Rose.

Downton Abbey family photo

Another photo reveals that Lady Mary and Lord Tony are spending more time together. They appear with Branson on a hunting trip. Branson and Tony are holding rifles.

Downton Abbey photo of Branson, Lady Mary and Lord Tony

You can see all of the new photos on the Masterpiece site. The new season of “Downton Abbey” begins January 4, 2015.