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Downton Abbey: Watch Episode Five Online Here, Read the Recap

Image courtesy ITV.
Image courtesy ITV.

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t watched episode 5 of Downton Abbey scroll down to watch the episode below first then scroll back up to read my three paragraph recap.


Anna and Bates continued to mend their strained relationship. Getting back to being a loving couple is easier said than done, however. While Anna moved back to their cozy cottage, the shadow of the attack surrounded her still; Bates felt guilty about not protecting from Mr. Green. To get their minds off of the tragic event, they embarked upon a date night in London where Lady Cora rescued them away from a snobby headwaiter.

Lady Mary finally met and exchanged barbs with Evelyn Napier’s boss, Charles Blake. The two butted heads on the goal of Blake’s study, which is to increase food production in the area, not help the aristocracy landowners. Edith meanwhile has not heard from her lover Mr. Gregson. Instead she received a note from her doctor, confirming she is in a family way.

As a birthday surprise for Robert, Lady Rose brought jazz in the form of Jack Ross and his band to Downton Abbey. Ross’s appearance ruffled Carson’s feathers at first. But after a witty exchange about race, Carson embraced the notion of having a black singer in his company. So did Lady Rose! Lady Mary stumbled upon Downton’s young trouble-maker kissing Jack in the servant’s kitchen. What’s next for the young lovers? Do you think Lady Rose and Jack should be together? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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