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Dan Stevens On Watching Downton Abbey: “It was Very Emotional”

Dan Stevens discussing watching the show he is no longer in after his character's demise.
Dan Stevens discussing watching the show he is no longer in after his character's demise.

Like the rest of us “peasants,” Dan Stevens watched the premiere of Downton Abbey season four last week. He told the TODAY show it felt weird.

"It was really wonderful to see everyone again," he said. "It was very emotional, very weird watching people dealing with my own death. It was strange."

The guy who will forever be known as the man who killed Matthew Crawley apologized for doing so yet again and realizes that he’ll probably say sorry for the rest of his life.

"A lot of people were quite upset by that," Stevens admitted on TODAY . "I spend a lot of my time apologizing. Yeah, I get a lot of, 'My wife was very upset by this. You have to apologize to my wife!' Then they call them over. 'Katherine! Come over here. This is the young man that upset you.' 'Say sorry!' You have to apologize, in public ... a lot, almost every day."

Watch the Entire Interview Here:

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A scruffy, bearded winterized Stevens was on the morning show to promote his film “Summer in February” which is available to American audiences now on demand. It also comes to select theaters in the U.S. January 17.

He practically spent the last year apologizing for departing Downton Abbey which resulted in his beloved character's demise and legions of heartbroken, upset fans across the globe.

A distraught Shirley MacClaine, his co-star on the show who didn’t know Stevens character was getting killed off, tells Entertainment Weekly she almost threw a chair at the television when she saw that Matthew died.

“I thought, ‘What is Julian Fellowes doing?’ And right after the birth [of Mary and Matthew’s son!] It took me a few days to get over it.”

Another upset fan: Michelle Dockery’s mom. Says Dockery, “My mom was like (Dockery imitates her mom’s shocked face) and she looked at me almost angry at me for not telling her!”