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Downton Abbey Cast Members Smell Due to Clothes Policy

It stinks to be a Downton Abbey cast member. No really, they actually stink on set! According to Sophia McShera, who plays Daisy, her castmates do smell because they are not allowed to wash their costumes. She tells the U.K. Telegraph that there is a “no wash” policy regarding the clothes in order to preserve their authentic historical look.

To keep the actors from getting too stinky and to safeguard the costumes, McShera tells the Daily Mail they have “weird patches” which are sewn into the armpits of the costumes. Those are washed separately.

But apparently there are distinct smells that linger around the set during filming. Talk about suffering for your art!

The other way that the Downton production crew keeps the show accurate is by employing a historical advisor. Dubbed the “Historical Oracle,” Alastair Bruce is the enforcer on set who makes sure every minute detail is correct even down to how Thomas is supposed to walk.  He is no joke!

Meet the Historical Oracle in This Video.