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Rosemary Jean-Louis

New Video:Downton Abbey Season 4 Locations, Locations

By Rosemary Jean-LouisPosted November 21, 2013 7:06pm (EST)
Lady Edith tools around London in season four of Downton Abbey.

Lady Edith tools around London in season four of Downton Abbey.

While jazz will literally “jazz” up the mood a bit in the new season of Downton Abbey, new locations are adding excitement to the series. In the new video below, the producers talk about how new locations add spice to the story and the period.

Some of the new settings featured in season four include the streets of London, restaurants and swanky jazz clubs. Sometimes shooting in these new places proved challenging though.

“One episode is pretty much, all it is is in London,” says Executive Producer Liz Trubridge. “Because we are filming this at the time we are about to have a royal birth announcement, so many roads are blocked off that we can’t park the unit in.”

“Of course it’s very hard for us to go and shoot anywhere in a public area without being swamped by lots and lots of fans who want to watch the shooting,” says Executive Producer Gareth Naeme. “That also can make it difficult.”

But they were able to pull it off and it looks great! Check out the video below. What do you think the new locations tell us about the storyline?

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