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Desperate for Downton

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Could the Royal Baby Name be Inspired by Downton Abbey?

Kate Middleton and Prince William emerge with their new infant son. Might they name him George- like George Crawley? (Photo BBC)
Kate Middleton and Prince William emerge with their new infant son. Might they name him George- like George Crawley? (Photo BBC)

Update: Prince William and Kate Middleton named their baby George Alexander Louis! The official report is that they took George because that is the name of Queen Elizabeth II's father. Alexander is the male version of the Queen's middle name plus Kate and Prince William really like it. While Louis is the name of Prince Philip's uncle.

My dream scenario is that they were ultimately inspired to name their baby boy after Matthew's son since they are super Downton Abbey fans. See my imagining below.

I can see it now. Kate Middleton and Prince William come out to microphones in front of Kensington Palace to officially announce the name of their new baby boy. “We decided to name him George Matthew,” gushes Kate proudly. “after the Crawley baby on Downton Abbey!”

“It’s her favorite show.” Prince William chimes in.

Ok this imagining might be a stretch. I don't think Kate and Prince Wills would make their baby's middle name Matthew. But based on the numbers crunched by British bookies, the odds may favor Matthew Crawley’s son and Prince William’s new babe having the same first name in common. The Inquisitor reports that George is the second favorite baby name with odds of 5/1. As you may recall, George is what Matthew named his first and only son.

Mary holds baby George Crawley.
Baby George and Mary

Henry as the name of the baby royal is also a favorite, sharing the same odds with George. However that is the given name of Prince Harry.

James recently surged to the top of the name list with 2/1 odds. But the betting public seems to like George a lot.

Victoria Arbiter, ABC royals contributor and daughter of former Queen Elizabeth II press secretary Dickie Arbiter says the name George is making a comeback. “What is nice about George is it has become a bit trendy, cool and fun again without being silly.”

Having the new royal baby named after the Downton Abbey baby character George would be a unique honor for the show. Last week, the television community gave it a dozen accolades. It received 12 Emmy nominations including best actor and actress nominations for Hugh Bonneville and Michelle Dockery.

What other Downton Abbey inspired royal baby names should the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge consider? Prince Bates Robert? How about Prince Carson? Or how about Prince Thomas after everyone's favorite evil gay footman? I'd love to read your name combinations. List them here.