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The Downton Abbey Connection to Boy Band One Direction

Photo courtesy
Photo courtesy

How can I connect Downton Abbey a period drama set in the early 20th century to the 21st century English/Irish boy band One Direction? Very easily actually. One of the cast members is a fan and a comedian recently posted a music video of the cast singing the One Direction hit “What Makes You Beautiful.”

For those of you who don’t have tween and teenage kids or godkids and have no idea who One Direction are here is a short primer: The pop quintet is based in London. Simon Cowell of American Idol and The X Factor fame is responsible for putting them together after they finished third in the British music competition show The X Factor.

Allen Leech who plays elevated chauffeur is apparently a fan. He recently tweeted a photo of himself and one of members of the group Niall Horan together. Leech tweeted he “loved meeting his son in events” - referring to their slight resemblance.

Here is the tweet and the photo. Do you think they look alike?

Downton Abbey One Direction Music Video

Comedian Richard Sandling created this music video of Downton Abbey characters “singing” the One Direction hit “What Makes You Beautiful.” Sandling used clips from seasons 1 through 3 to cobble together the video. He makes all of the characters say most of the lyrics to the song through their dialogue.