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Rosemary Jean-Louis

Live Chat with Anna Today at 2 p.m.

By Rosemary Jean-LouisPosted February 4, 2013 8:39am (EST)
Live Chat with Anna Today at 2 p.m.

Finally Anna and many Downton fans got their wish. Mr. Bates is being freed! Thanks to Anna's constant sleuthing and "never give up until my man is out of jail attitude" her work paid off. Today at 2 p.m. we can give Anna or (rather her alter ego actress Joanne Froggart ) some virtual pats on the back through a live chat right here. Just scroll down, type in the chat box and chatter away.
Now that Bates is out of jail and will return to a slightly changed dynamic downstairs, what will be in store for him and Anna? Let's see if we can coax the answers out of Froggart. See you today at 2 p.m. sharp!

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