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Cybele Lange

Season One Finale Preview

By Cybele LangePosted December 31, 2011 6:32pm (EST)
Season One Finale Preview

Don't forget that the last two episodes of season one will be shown on Sunday, Jan 1!

Matthew Crawley and Mary grow closer, Edith finds a beau, and Sybil comes out in society. While we don't get to see Sybil's coming out party, we do get to see her explore her political side, and most entertaining of all, her fashion-forward side. Yes, I will be posting a photo of that in the recap.
Mary and Edith show the extent of their "sisterly love" in ways no one was expecting, and the results are surprising.

O'Brien and Thomas continue to scheme, coming up with with grander plans to have Bates fired. Anna unearths more details of Bates' mysterious past, while falling in love with him. Two servants wind up leaving their jobs, a medical condition wreaks havoc in the kitchen, and Thomas gets punched. Finally!

Tune in at 7:30 and 9:30 January 1 to see the last two episodes of Season One.

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