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The Cherry Tree Listening Project 5/8/14: Cherry Tree Crossing and Elline Ivey

Once a vibrant neighborhood filled with loving members of the community, Cherry Tree has now become a gang and violent infested society, which will soon be shut down. When Elline Ivey faced the realization that public housing was the best alternative for her and her young son while she "got back on their feet", Cherry Tree Crossing was not what she had in mind. The complex did not make a good first impression. Listen to hear what she saw... 



The Cherry Tree Listening Project is a multi-part series, produced by GPB-Augusta in Collaboration with The Greater Augusta Arts Council. It airs weekdays in May during “Morning Edition” at 7:35a.m. and during “All Things Considered” at 5:44p.m. on 90.7FM WACG/GPB-Augusta.