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We Want to Do Business with You »

As part of the State of Georgia, Georgia Public Broadcasting is devoted to serving the citizens of Georgia through our television, radio and education programs. We work in partnership with qualified businesses to contract directly for goods, equipment and services.

The GPB Purchasing Office in our Finance and Administrative Services Division is responsible for the centralized procurement of goods and services for Georgia Public Broadcasting. Purchases are based on competitive bidding whenever practical, and all qualified vendors are invited to participate in the bidding process.

How You Can Bid »

We routinely solicit bids from a large number of vendors. Our primary method for soliciting bids is on the Internet via the Georgia Procurement Registry Web site.

If you're interested in participating, please contact us at:
Georgia Public Broadcasting
ATTN: Purchasing Office
260 14th Street, NW
Atlanta, Georgia USA 30318-5360
Telephone: 404.685.2258
Fax: 404.685.2407

How You Can Find Out About Current Bid Opportunities »

To make it easier for potential bidders to view and download current bid opportunities, the GPB Purchasing Office provides a list of current bids, requests for proposals, and requests for information. Each bid opportunity listed contains a link to a specific page at the State of Georgia Bid Registry site, where a copy of that bid information can be viewed and downloaded. On the State of Georgia Bid Registry site Georgia Public Broadcasting will be listed as Georgia Public Telecommunication Commissions.