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GPB's Latest

Special Legislative Session - Hurricane Michael Relief

The Georgia General Assembly will reconvene to discuss relief funding for communities affected by Hurricane Michael beginning Tuesday, November 13. The special session will also include providing for general law regarding taxation related to recovery and rebuilding from the impact of the storm. You can follow the proceedings live on

November 15, 2018

On Second Thought

Join us every weekday for timely conversations about all topics relating to Georgia. Listen today at 9 am or streaming live at

November 15, 2018

Political Rewind

Tune in for Political Rewind today at 2 pm on GPB Radio as host Bill Nigut reviews the week in politics and what's ahead.

November 15, 2018

The Credits Podcast

Host Kalena Boller goes on set to meet the people who work in Georgia's multi-billion dollar film industry. New episodes every Friday.

November 15, 2018

GPB Election Coverage Continues

With election results yet to be certified, GPB News will continue bringing you election updates and analysis. Follow our updates online at

November 15, 2018

Political Rewind: Election Legal Battles Continue

On this edition of Political Rewind, it’s been another tumultuous week in Georgia politics.
November 16, 2018

Georgia's Music Scene: Mixing Old School With New School

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit's new album, "Live From The Ryman," is the band's latest live album. We spoke with Josh Jackson , Paste Magazine's editor-in-chief, about the new music. We also discussed upcoming performances from Kamasi Washington, Jim James and Migos.
November 16, 2018

Pig Skins And Podcasts: Jon Nelson On 'Football Fridays In Georgia'

We're getting close to the high school football championships time, then College Bowl games and finally Super Bowl LIII right here in Atlanta. Whether you follow the game or the traditions that surround it, Jon Nelson has the play-by-play. He joined "On Second Thought" to discuss upcoming games and his podcast, "Football Fridays in Georgia."
November 16, 2018

Trump Says He's Completed Written Answers For Mueller, But Not Turned Them In

Updated at 2:13 p.m. ET President Trump has completed written answers to questions about the Russia investigation from Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller. The president told reporters on Friday that he wrote the answers, not his lawyers, and that he did so "very easily." Trump said he suspected some of the questions were designed to be pitfalls and catch him in a "perjury trap" — to induce to him to lie about things for which prosecutors might already have contradictory evidence. "I'm sure they're tricked up," Trump said. Witnesses must be careful with questions designed "by people who probably have bad intentions," he also said. Trump said that he just finished the questions but that he has not actually submitted them to the special counsel's office. Although its investigation is a "hoax," he said, Trump also said he's heard it will probably wrap up soon and that "I'm sure it would be fine." The special counsel's office and the Justice Department hadn't made any comment
November 16, 2018

Hand Recounts Progress In Florida Senate Race

Election workers in Florida have been counting remaining ballots by hand in the close U.S. Senate and state agriculture commissioner contest, as a number of lawsuits are still outstanding in the final 48 hours before official election results are due to the state. If a federal judge declines to extend the state's deadline, county canvassing boards need to turn in their official results following machine and manual recounts by noon on Sunday . Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson has asked for that deadline to be pushed back a number of times, most recently in a lawsuit filed Friday, in which he requests Palm Beach County hand count every ballot that was cast there. He trails GOP Gov. Rick Scott in the Senate race by 0.15 percent, about 12,000 votes, a margin that was unchanged after machine recounts were done this week. Secretary of State Ken Detzner ordered a statewide manual recount of the Senate race yesterday, because the margin between Republican Rick Scott and Nelson was within a 0.25
November 16, 2018
GPB Sports Blog

Football Fridays In Georgia: Archer, Parkview Prospects To Watch

These two Gwinnett teams have plenty of players to watch

November 16, 2018

What's New Next Week? November 15, 2018

Next week, GPB brings you an all-new original documentary exploring Macon's musical legacy.

November 15, 2018
GPB Sports Blog

Loganville Finds Winning Playoff Recipe

Red Devils make key changes, survive tough schedule to reach second round

November 15, 2018
Education Matters

New PBS KIDS Show LET’S GO LUNA! Takes Children Around The World Beginning November 21

New animated social studies series helps kids explore the cultures of Japan, Egypt, Peru, and more.

November 15, 2018
GPB Sports Blog

Countdown To Kickoff: Join Jon and Matt

Get the skinny on this week's big games

November 14, 2018

Education Blogs

New PBS KIDS Show LET’S GO LUNA! Takes Children Around The World Beginning November 21

New animated social studies series helps kids explore the cultures of Japan, Egypt, Peru, and more.

November 15, 2018

Georgia Preschool Teacher Recognized As PBS KIDS "Early Learning Champion"

Andrea Zoppo, one of 17 early childhood teachers and care providers and the only teacher from Georgia, will receive professional learning opportunities over the next two years as a part of a new...

November 14, 2018

Art Education For The 21st Century

The relationship between art education and our fanatic focus on STEM can lead to the biggest and most innovative breakthroughs.

November 6, 2018

Education Spotlight

Physics In Motion

Physics in Motion is a new digital series for high school physics from Georgia Public Broadcasting. The series encourages inquiry-based learning, problem-solving, and critical thinking through...

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