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Project Team

1) PRODUCERS: From left to right: Bix Doughty(Project Manager), Kelly Krowl (Producer), Jonathan Harris (Apprentice and Content Development) Not Pictured: Deborah Grayson (Project Manager)

2) PRODUCTION CREW: From left to right: Andrew Treglia (Director of Photography), Anne Chance(Historian and Interviewer), Adam Rabern (Videographer), Kelly Krowl Not Pictured: Deborah Grayson (Interviewer)

3) EDITORS: From left to right: Jamie Gaar, Mike Bruno, Ranjit Tripathi, Adam Rabern, Kelly Krowl Not Pictured: Andrew Treglia, Julian Modugno, Ranjit Singh, Joseph Crumbley, Christopher Kirkendall, Carissa Wade

4) ADDITIONAL HELP: Brian Wray (Apprentice Coordinator) Not Pictured: Jascenda Pasley

5) ADDITIONAL HELP: Matt Rasnick (Production coordinator)

6) FINANCE DEPARTMENT: From left to right: Katrina Smith (Accounts Payable Technician), Gloria Humphries (Accounts Payable Technician), Markisha Gray (Unit Financial Services Analysis), Charlotte Young (Accounts Payable Manager)

7) Web Team: William Overall, Andrew MacCartney, Jennifer Barclay, Alicia Persaud, James Rutherford, Cory Brooks, Alyssa Lewis, Ester Wilson, Stephanie Sellers, Katie Falkenberg

Not pictured: Patrice Weaver (Manager of Education Services), Mike Nixon (Director of Education Services), Nancy Hall (Interim Executive Director)