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How can I find a specific World War II Veteran?
Click on the Interviews link on the left-hand side of this page. You can scroll through the list of interviews which are alphabetized by last name to find the person you are looking for. You can also type in the name of the person you are looking for in the search box and click the submit button.

What is a segment?
A segment is a part of an interview that tells a specific story within the whole interview.

How do I make the video play?
If you click on a name on the Interviews page, the interview will begin playing automatically.

If you are looking through the segments in the theaters such as Europe, Home Front, Pacific, North Africa, War End and Legacy, you can click on the thumbnail photo or the title of each segment to make that video segment play.

If a video does not begin playing after doing this, click the play button in the lower left hand corner of the video player.

If you still cannot play the video, please see the following entry below: "Why can’t I watch the videos on the website?"

How Do I contact GPB? 888-501-8960 or 404-685-2550

How can I use this material in the classroom?
Some suggestions for Georgia educators include:

The content of the WWII Oral History Project can be used with the Georgia Performance Standards for:
Grade 8 Social Studies
Georgia History
Grades 9-12 Social Studies
World Geography
World History
United States History
Language Arts

The content from the World War II Oral History Project can also support Language Arts and the Georgia Writing Assessment though projects involving:
Oral History
Published Media

The content from the World War II Oral History Project can be downloaded for a range of assignments and presentations designed for classroom use.
Visit GeorgiaStandards.Org for a complete listing of the Georgia Performance Standards

How can I or a relative be interviewed by Georgia Public Broadcasting and get my interview online?
Georgia Public Broadcasting is no longer interviewing World War II Veterans.

What resources did you draw on to develop interview questions and protocols for this project?
This project used protocols and procedures developed by the Veterans History Project of the American Folklife Center of the Library of Congress. More information about the Veterans History Project can be found by visiting

Why can’t I watch the videos on the website?
To watch the videos on GPB’s WWII Veterans Oral History Project website, your internet browser must have the Adobe Flash Player installed. Click here to download the newest version of the player for your browser.

Some schools and businesses may use software and hardware to block the playback of streaming video from the internet.

If you have the Adobe Flash Player installed and cannot watch the videos, make sure your firewall settings allow you to play streaming video and that you do not have hardware or software installed blocking the videos. Check with your systems administrator to add the WWII website and our streaming video player as a trusted site.