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Verrocchio's David at the High


For early Renaissance Artists, David, the biblical hero, was a theme of interest. Wealthy Florentine patrons (de Medici family in this case) commissioned artists to create sculptures of this figure.

Florentines considered David to be not unlike themselves as they felt they had also conquered a giant when they revolted from tyrannical rule. David saw Goliath as a mortal man defying the living God. Andrea del Verrocchio's work, with its defiant stance, is a masterpiece of bravado. Florence's ruling council so admired this work that they placed it in the seat of government, where it remained until Michelangelo's David displaced it.

Verrocchio's David at the High travels back in time to Renaissance Italy where Verrocchio created his bronze statue of David.

After centuries of neglect, this masterpiece has been fully restored to its original glory. You'll find out how Atlanta became the first city in America to see this great work of art.

Verrocchio's David Restored: A Renaissance Bronze from the National Museum of the Bargello, Florence was on view at the High Museum of Art from November 18, 2003 though February 8, 2004. 

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