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The DNA Files III

The DNA Files III is the latest installment in the award-winning NPR series that explores the mysterious world of the genome and its impact on life in the 21st century. Hosted by Peabody- and Emmy-winning correspondent John Hockenberry, the series includes five episodes that examine food in the age of biotechnology; how environment works in concert with genetics; the interplay between the inner mind and the outer world; comparative genomics (what do animals tell us about ourselves?); and the pressure of climate change on the species of our planet.

As part of its participation in a national outreach campaign, GPB produced five segments that were broadcasted during Morning Edition and All Things Considered. The segments examined what is happening in Georgia and aimed to raise community awareness about the issues covered in the

The DNA Files
John Hockenberry

series. To listen to these, please click on the loudspeaker icons in the “GPB Radio Special Reports” section.

GPB partnered with Atlanta’s Fernbank Science Center, known statewide for K–12 excellence in science education, to produce The DNA Files activities to correlate with mandatory Georgia Performance Standards. In November 2007, Fernbank hosted a hands-on training workshop for high school science teachers. The workshop was videotaped by GPB Education and is available along with downloadable resources.

To view the educational videos and resources, please click below.

Educational Materials

The DNA Files III

Designing the Garden:
Food in the Age of

This program looks at the
debates surrounding
genetically modified food.
Some say manipulating genes
in plants and animals is the
solution to world hunger;
others say it's not safe to eat
or grow.

Rewriting Heredity:
Environment and the

Geneticists now know that
genes do not act alone and
that environment – from our
cells to our neighborhoods –
works in concert with our

Beyond Human

We humans think we are
pretty special creatures
within the animal kingdom,
but as scientists try to
understand what makes us
different from other animals,
they keep running into what
makes us the same.

The Heat Is On: Evolution
in Action

Evolution is an ongoing
process and as the Earth
becomes warmer, changes
are being seen in migration
patterns of birds, insects, and
even in the life in the oceans.

Minding the Brain

Researchers today are
grappling with the interplay
between the inner mind and
the outer world and looking
at how the brain a person is
born with changes in
response to the cultural,
social, personal, and
physical environments the
person lives in.

GPB Radio Special Reports

Genetic Engineering of Crops in

Why are some foods genetically
modified? Is it good or bad?
We visit a Georgia farmer who uses
genetically engineered seeds and
talk to people who prefer to buy
only organic.

Genetic Testing in GeorgiaListen

What genetic testing exists now for
babies, and what can we expect in
the future? Will certain genetic
defects become obsolete? Will we be
able to choose certain traits?
This story examines families'
struggle with genetic testing.

Forensic Testing, DNA

DNA in Georgia's crime lab. DNA
testing versus eyewitness
identification in criminal cases… which carries more weight?

The Business of Biotech in

When scientists figured out how to
manipulate DNA, the bio tech
industry was born. In Georgia, it
has been growing and outpacing
other economies. From Stem Cell
Research to genetically engineered
foods, Georgia profits.

Ethnicity and DNAListen

We follow GPB Music Producer
Terrence McKnight as he takes a
genetic test trying to find clues to
his African ancestry.

This project is made possible with support from the DNA Files, a project of SoundVisionProduction.