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Your Fantastic Mind | Your Fantastic Mind: Episode 5

Your Fantastic Mind: Episode 5

It’s called Hypersomnia and it’s a condition where people sleep their lives away, sometimes 20 plus hours a day. Kerry Goode hails from an iconic football family in Alabama. He now has ALS. We have followed his progression for a year and a half as he has gone from walking to wheelchair bound. Scientists at Emory have discovered a gene that accounts for resilience. 15% of the population has it.

Premiere Date: February 11, 2019 | Runtime: 00:25:09

About Your Fantastic Mind

Every thought, every feeling comes from one place. Your Fantastic Mind takes you behind the curtain in the brain, the operating room and in the lives of people. It digs deep into transformative, life changing science, showing us how to be healthier and happier and how we can prevent disease and live longer.