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Your Fantastic Mind | Your Fantastic Mind: Episode 2

Your Fantastic Mind: Episode 2

Why do some people and some brains recover and why others don’t? Can teaching tango to Parkinson’s patients slow the progression of the disease? It’s called Blepharospasm and it’s a rare disease that makes people blink uncontrollably leading to blindness. We follow one woman who has not been able to see for 25 years as she regains her sight.

Premiere Date: January 28, 2019 | Runtime: 00:27:23

About Your Fantastic Mind

Every thought, every feeling comes from one place. Your Fantastic Mind takes you behind the curtain in the brain, the operating room and in the lives of people. It digs deep into transformative, life changing science, showing us how to be healthier and happier and how we can prevent disease and live longer.