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Unleashed: A Dog's Life | Vet 101

Vet 101

Going to the vet can make both you and your pooch anxious. Your dog is inundated with strange smells, sounds, and other anxious animals. You may also not know what to expect. Will there be some canine curveball? Our latest Unleashed is a “Vet 101” with guidance on just what to expect when you visit the vet.

Premiere Date: July 25, 2019 | Runtime: 00:04:25

About Unleashed: A Dog's Life

“Unleashed: A Dog’s Life” is a new show from GPB that covers all things dogs. From training tips to making treats, the show covers everything from A to Z of dog ownership and dog life. It’s for current dog owners or just the everyday dog lover. It will showcase hero dogs and canine trends and every dog in between - and of course lots of puppy pictures.